Thursday, December 11, 2008

pirate peetie

This is a fimo piece that I did a while back.  He's a big eared sensitive pirate type personality.  C'mon!  There's plenty of those around!

Stands at just over 3" tall.


Sabrina Alberghetti said...

That's awesome!!

Todd Oman said...

Nice sculpt for a girl, and stop harassing poor George for his lack of penis drawing, no real man draws the penis on his life drawings.

George kaprielian said...

i knew a sensitive big eared pirate once, that guy was a blast. yes well thank you for the penis advice, i will now forever think of u as the life drawing penis expert. It's your title, you've earned it.
who would of thought a guy who draws cartoons would have handled this situation so immaturely?
and your right, i was destroying myself from the inside by harboring feelings of dismay and betrayal, and not drawing the penis, im a new man now.. thank you miss johnson. And i hope you didnt miss the irony that your last name is Johnson. GOOD DAY